We Believe.


We believe great experiences are core to strong brands.
We believe people eat with their eyes first.
We believe glitter is MOOP.

We are a team of passionate and creative people who believe that if you look good, we look good. We’re in it for you, for community, for sustainability. This is what matters.


Coline LeConte

I live on the balance of left and right brain, foodie and fittie, chocolate and cheese, and red and white wine. As a leader in creative thinking and problem solving for over 15 years in startups, tech, travel, product design, wine, mobile, publishing and other industries, I decided to take my experience and knowledge to start Bang Pound Dot. From leading UI and UX design to helping companies develop, design and market their brands, I am able to strategize and accelerate a brand in its marketplace. And you know what, I love food and wine.


Julie LeFrancois

On my days off I enjoy strolling around local farmers markets in Northern California where I live with my husband, son and two cats. I’ve worked as a creative director, art director and graphic designer in various corporate environments, and the work I enjoy the most is simply working with great people. My foodie favorite: homemade, artisan vanilla ice cream—my own formula, of course. Don’t panic! It’s organic!


Kyle Kryska

My final “hoorah” in college was to convince my design professor to let me do my capstone project–which was supposed to be beneficial to society–on upcoming San Francisco microbreweries. Nowadays I work as a UI designer with the occasional poke at graphics. Most of my sojourns to the outside world are focused on finding new food and beer to try. I live on the edge of Portland with a cat that is named after breath mints.


Meghan McGuire

Raised in the restaurant business, I started my writing career reporting for a small town paper on the Oregon Coast. Since then I have continued to write while satiating my love for, and roots in, the culinary arts. Based in Portland, Oregon, I enjoy riding my bicycle long distances and planting vegetables where they don’t belong.


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