Brand Development

Your brand is the emotional heartbeat of your organization. As an external resource, Bang Pound Dot will expertly guide you through the strategic process that will discover or reconnect you, your employees and your audience with a brand to believe in.

The branding process at Bang Pound Dot was developed to assist our clients in finding and developing their individual mission, core values, and global niche. Just as important as a business plan, smart brand strategy improves marketplace position and company reputation.

In addition to traditional brand strategy, Bang Pound Dot creates your visual identity and personality—you might consider this the fun part. These are your arms and legs, out there every day reinforcing your brand, saying who you are without words and evoking an emotional connection to your company. Bang Pound Dot makes you look good.

Every interaction with your team and your clients creates the perception of your company, and as we know perception is reality. We will coach and educate on this very important follow through. Bang Pound Dot will give you the voice to deliver your brand so you’re good from the inside out.

Connect with Bang Pound Dot today if you’re looking for help with:

  • Strategy and positioning
  • Brand purpose and values
  • Messaging
  • Personality and visual identity
  • Stakeholder alignment