Passionate About Good Food

”I have a problem. I love food,” my high school best friend and I used to joke- except we both knew we weren’t really kidding. It remains true. I love to eat and when I do, I enjoy every last tasty morsel. I also love the way food brings people together for celebrations and for everyday meals around the table. The sharing of recipes, the adventure of new flavors, the satisfaction of a good meal. So much of who we are and what we do starts with conversations around the table, sharing flavors and reflections.

Sadly, in adulthood my relationship with food took a turn and became more difficult. Soy started causing bizarre symptoms in unexpected parts of my body, from my nervous system, to digestive to endocrine. All's fair in love and war I suppose, but as you can imagine I can feel like a pretty hot mess when accidentally ingesting soy. Going out to eat can gave me terrible anxiety; even potlucks are stressful! Every time I am out with my husband and kid, I have to play an embarrassing game of 20 questions. The unfortunate servers have to ensure that all ingredients in a dish are passable before I can order.


Reading ingredients on every package of food gets tiresome and annoying. Remembering to even read the ingredients before digging in feels like a cruel punishment. Sometimes I choose to just abstain from eating because I just don’t want to bother.

Several years ago, right before my major no-gluten sanction, I went on a trip to France, Belgium and Amsterdam where I enjoyed all the delicious bread, pastries and fries these countries had to offer. While I was away, all my symptoms disappeared- this was before I realized what was at the heart of these mysterious conditions. All the unfortunate symptoms came flying back right when I did. Curious?

Upon later reflection, two things were revealed: 1. Your body reacts to what you give it, bearing more weight to that adage, “You are what you eat.” 2. There’s something different, or maybe wrong with the food system in the U.S.

What we’re talking about here is important. It’s the food that we share with our friends and families. The food that nourishes our bodies, minds and even our souls. The food that is part of our local and global environment and economy. The food that we need to rely on to be “good.”

Good Food

Do you ever deliberate over buying organic vs. regular produce? The focus of this debate is usually centered at the girth of the peel--where chemical residues reside. The thicker the peel, the more protection the fruit or vegetable has from invasive chemicals. This correlates directly with the thickness of your wallet, because buying organic produce can be more expensive. But beyond price, you receive something else when you buy organic; the confidence in knowing you are supporting farmers that use organic practices. I love and appreciate the earth and want to protect the land and oceans. By getting organic bananas, I’m doing a my part to enable those farmers to keep their practices healthy & sustainable; they’re giving to us (sacrificing quicker crops aka faster $) and we’re giving back to them. On a larger level, let’s call this cooperation for worldwide health; let’s all win.


I believe that we're all here to help each other. Together, we can all live our best lives possible. It doesn't have to be hard.

I started Bang Pound Dot as a way to take my professional skills, background and experience and apply them where it matters. Bang Pound Dot was created to help the people and businesses who grow, harvest, forage and make what goes on our tables spread their good food and grow their businesses.

As it turns out, all the people I’ve met growing BPD are just as passionate as I am. They truly love what they are doing and you can taste it. Just like the journeys we guide our clients through, the collective experience here is authentic and personal.

In an effort to really capture the spirit of shared commerce, we created the “Client Table” solely for our clients. We like to work with good people and we know you do too. The purpose is to open up opportunities for our clients to connect with each other; you just may be their next secret ingredient!

Bang Pound Dot = good people + good food + good business. It’s not just an agency; it’s a community of people making the world of food a better place for all.  


Coline LeConte