Cold War Espionage

Behind the Scenes: Nick Temple


Design a book cover for Switchback: A Nick Temple File


Jonathan Dyer had written and self-published his first spy novel, Switchback: A Nick Temple File, and was working on his next book in the series when the project to design a book cover for Switchback started. Knowing that there was going to be a series of Nick Temple books led to the decision to create a design suitable for a series of covers instead of designing each new book cover individually.

We started with a simple foundation: what are the objectives for a book cover? We found it necessary to step back and envision the author as a brand. What has Jonathan Dyer written and what is his expertise?

Applying branding knowledge and design methods for both Jonathan Dyer the brand and A Nick Temple File series book covers simultaneously has swiftly produced important results: the author and his books have an established, credible presence.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Identity Design
  • Creative Direction
  • Design—cover and inside
  • Website Design
  • Copywriting & Copy Editing
  • Publishing Management (Amazon, Kindle)


Learning that there isn’t simply an individual book to design drives the book cover design process. There is a need to ensure that any book in the series looks like it belongs. I created a template that allows me to incorporate elements customized to each book’s story while keeping a consistent theme across every book cover.

The visual representation of a “file” on Nick Temple identifies the series. The large block of the author’s name gives Jonathan Dyer recognition. Changing the main background color for each book gives instant differentiation at sight of the spine, front or back cover.


An online presence was the next logical step to establishing both the author and the books. It needed to provide Jonathan Dyer with a platform to both show off his novels and give him a place to keep writing. This way visitors can learn more about his books, his distinct expertise and his style of writing.


Jonathan Dyer is now noted as providing important insight on the Cold War. Readers can visit to read his blog and keep up with the latest news.