New Wine Club

Behind the Scenes: TastingRoom


Initiation of new wine club membership program with purpose to have regular customers. Required comprehensive creative direction for package of six mini bottles of wine and user interface design and experience for logging in and ordering full size bottles as well as keeping a history of ratings and wines tasted.


TastingRoom (TR) was a company that grew from a unique intellectual property (IP) of being able to take any full size 750mL bottle of wine and splitting it into several mini 50mL bottles in an anaerobic environment. We curated and packaged six mini bottles to be ordered online and shipped to customers to have a tasting room experience in their own homes. The package of six could be from one winery, exploring a single winery’s wines, or a compilation based on varietal, AVA or another set geographical identification (like a trip around the world).


  • Visual Identity
  • Creative Direction
  • Design—print, packaging, UI and UX
  • Photography
  • Photo Art Direction


Once we arrived at a name for the new wine club, Taste Explorer, we set out to give it its own designated logo and set of print material. With every six pack of mini bottles a menu is inserted to describe each wine and allow for tasting notes and rating. On the outside of the box we designed labels to both identify the box in inventory and to be beautiful for the customer naming the type of box ordered (A Taste of Gundlach Bundschu, A Taste of Pinot, A Taste Around the World, etc.). The labels for the wine club were clearly marked with the logo of the wine club which supported the umbrella brand of TR.


The TR experience begins online and ends at home. It was important to make it fluent between computer and table (or couch or kitchen). This at a time when mobile development and experience was in flux and phones were just being able to handle web browsing and companies were just beginning to develop separate mobile sites, before responsive was the answer to all the time and budget woes.

We had an initial home page, welcoming all visitors and built out a separate dashboard once a customer was logged in.


TastingRoom was purchased by Lot18 and continues to have a membership program.