6 Essentials to Outstanding Packaging

When you’re working on the label for your food or beverage product, good prioritization is imperitive. At first glance, what do you want your customer to learn about your product? Here are 6 important points that your label should highlight, with both copy and design:

  1. What is it?
    Don’t make your customer guess what your product is, even if your name seems self-explanatory. When they are browsing what’s available, will your packaging explain to them what is inside? And how quickly?

  2. Who made it?
    At first glance, customers should notice the brand behind your product. Trust and recognition will help as you continue to expand.  

  3. What is in it?
    Because people are increasingly concerned with health and sourcing, the ingredients in your product are a key consideration. Lots of people on special diets will be seeking specifics. Specialties, such as “gluten-free” should be prominently featured.

  4. How much does it cost?
    Unlike the other items on this list, this won’t be printed on your product’s label. However, you’ll want to make sure the margins are correct and the store displays your suggested retail price appropriately. Is your price to product quality ratio warranted? These should align in a way that encourages movement from the shelf to the checkout.

  5. When do I need to eat it by?
    It’s always frustrating when food goes bad. Savvy consumers will consider the time frame required to avoid adding yesterday's treat to today’s compost. Of course, your product is so phenomenal that your customer will eat it right away. (Or if it’s wine, they will drink it as soon as five o'clock hits somewhere on the globe.)

  6. Will I like it?
    Loaded question! The operational word is “like” and that is an emotion. Does your package design have any emotional pull? And will they come back for more? Repeat customers is the goal.