6 Signs To Invest in Package Design

Your new packaging should be a carefully curated investment. Using the power of good design, packaging can attract new customers without marginalizing your base. It should show that you truly believe in your product and your company is going strong. Here are some common mistakes people make that might not give their products a fair shot:

  1. What’s in there? Make sure potential customers can tell exactly what the product is by looking at it. Whether the packaging itself gives away the product or the label clearly states what’s inside, make sure you never leave them guessing.

  2. SIze matters. I mean, who wants a small glass of wine? Make sure your product/package/price ratio is maximized in your advantage.

  3. It looks like you mandled it. That’s what I said, you man-handled it. Food and drink products require a fair bit of trust, since you are telling people to put them in their bodies. Your customers need to feel safe and secure consuming your product, and your packaging can help.

  4. Do I eat it or do I put it in my bath? The optimal answer is, yes--you can drink it and/or eat it while in the bath; one of the greatest joys known to man. But you don’t want them to think it’s for dumping into the water and soaking your bones.

  5. Home printing is for government forms. Honestly, what else do you use your home printer for? Professional printing is another way to gain the trust of new customers. We ALL love homemade treats distributed in jars and tupperware, but in that scenario, we know the exact origin story. You would be more hesitant to accept something that looks like that from a stranger.

  6. Leave the camo to the cargo pants. Does your design pop or blend into the scenery? As designers, this is the most exciting part of the process. Using color, typography and strategic design, your packaging should catch people’s eyes and curiosity. And when they pick it up and try it for the first time, they’ll be left craving more!

If any of these sound familiar, perhaps it’s time to consider strengthening your product and overall brand with a professional take on your packaging. Bang Pound Dot is here to zip your packaging up tight.