Branding Grows Investor Trust

Branding Grows Investor Trust

by Coline LeConte

Why do some food and beverage brands go from fledgling to dust while others quickly elevate towards lobster status? Our experience has taught us that you have to be and stay small OR you have to chase the growth. From operational efficiencies, to leverage in distribution, to brand awareness, it is tough to survive in the middle. The decision to pursue investors is a pivotal point in your company’s lifeline.

Investors give you the ability for quicker growth. When you pitch and present to them, you need to have your story cemented and that takes due diligence. Exhibiting brand knowledge shows that you are serious. Let’s face it, nobody’s going to holler unless you “talk the talk” AND exhibit the kind of professionalism that investors seek and customers are attracted to.

The outcome of brand strategy defines what a company does and who it does it for. Ask yourself, what do you do? Then write it down. Now, ask a handful of team members. Did you get vague, out of sync answers? Investors need to be assured that you are different and better than your competitors. 

A brand done well is instantly recognizable. Seeing a logo and immediately knowing the meaning and experience behind it is the kind of visual identity that is sought after. Getting there is the biggest hurdle, and an exceptional amount of companies never even jump. Well considered brand strategy puts your company’s best foot forward.

As you’re talking to anyone and everyone about your company, you will start feeling like a song on repeat. It may seem redundant but repetition is key to good branding. Your messaging should be constant and consistent. This is vital. You’ve got that pitch down, and investors can see you know your stuff. You have confidence in what your company does and a clear vision for how and where you want it to grow. Investors will commend the cultivation of your brand and will know your future is bright and their investment will be returned. And then some.

You’ve got to tell a story, paint a vision, know your metrics and sell, sell sell.
--Mitchell Harper, founder BigCommerce

Having a good branding foundation from the beginning allows you to focus on the growth of your company. Gaining trust in investors gets you one step closer to your big dreams. Or, you can stay small and continue to use your home printer. *wink emoji