Process By Design

by Coline LeConte

We can’t wait to show you off. That’s what we do at Bang Pound Dot. We work diligently behind the scenes to help you hoist your flag and let your colors fly.

Jumping to Conclusions

While a lot of us can’t wait to see a final design, it shouldn’t be something that is quickly whipped up. Effective design is the result of precise strategy and a dutiful process. It is easy to take the time and effort required for beautiful, well-thought-out designs for granted.

Design is the result of strategy and process.

To make good work, you cannot look directly to an end result, you have to start from the beginning.  


Everyone has an opinion. You have an opinion. So does your designer.  

Bang Pound Dot removes the “he said/she said.” How? By peeling away the subjectivity. This assures that relationships stay positive and productive throughout our projects.

At the very start, we determine the purpose of the design based on each brand's individual values and personality, setting a foundation for future collaborations and decisions.

Design Aligns with Business

"I’ve got the brains. You’ve got the look. Let’s make lots of money."
Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe

Whether you approached BPD for brand strategy, package design or digital development, our process always includes narrowing down your business goals and priorities. This means asking some in-depth questions. This type of reflective introspection always takes extra effort; it is easy to avoid confronting these types of questions about your business; even easier to not ask them at all!  But as you know, authenticity is key in our current marketing and advertising worlds, and these questions are essential to the growth of your business.

Ultimately, your design will accomplish what you seek and will align perfectly with your business goals.

Design is purposeful.

Believe in the Process

Without process, how can a design serve its purpose? While the timeline varies, allowing enough room for the process to happen is important for assuring a good result. A high quality design solves problems and answers questions. The overarching emotion will remain in the hearts of your customers, who love what you do.