Stories: The Heart of Craft Beverage

Stories: The Heart of Craft Beverage

by Kyle Kryska

Did you know that one of the best tools for spreading the word about your craft beverage brand is with you at all times? It’s your story! In the world of craft beverages, stories can not only create interesting conversations, but instill the exclusive identity of your brand into the minds of your customers.

Have you ever been strolling through the beer aisle of a store, seen a particular label and remembered drinking that special brand during an epic camping trip? We all have fond memories along those lines. Unique taste and imagery make craft beverages well-positioned to encourage stories in many forms. Bang Pound Dot can help put pen to paper; beer drinkers of the world will lend you their ears.


The Grand Story

Your brand’s origin story is of utmost importance. The way your craft beverage came to life is interesting, and like any good storyteller, feel free to spice it up as much as possible. How were your recipes developed? What was your passion and inspiration behind them? How did you come up with your name?? Inquiring minds want to know.

The Individual Product Story

Each product in your craft beverage brand is an opportunity to tell a story. Maybe it started as a crisis and became a happy accident when you doubled the amount of ginger in one batch of kombucha and it ended up as your biggest seller. Maybe you discovered that anise brightened up your morning coffee and decided to incorporate it into a batch of cold brew. These stories can really stick; your customers will think of them every time they take a sip.

The Personal Story

Remember the story earlier about drinking a certain beer during a great camping trip? That’s personal! Your stories make your brand unique, and as they say, the devil is in the details. A stand-out brand is more likely to be included when your customers relate their own beer-drinking foibles, and every time someone tells their story, they’re spreading the word about your brand. This really applies to social media.



No need to buy advertising space, you’ve got plenty already. Cardboard carriers, labels--even bottle caps--are great places to include bits of your story. How can you tell it the quickest way possible, with text and/or design? Think in terms of a relaxing lunch time read. Can you relate your story in the time it takes to eat a sandwich?

Social Media

Word of mouth is king, and these days we have a way of shouting out to the world without talking at all. Social media posts are a great way to share behind the scenes insight on your beverage’s backstory. If your story is interesting, you can gain valuable ground with customer reposts and direct interactions.


Demoing your product at stores and public events is a perfect opportunity to tell stories about your beverage and your brand as a whole. Fill the silence while people sip by sharing amusing details. Introduce drinks by offering up a quick version of that particular story. If your audience shows interest, share the unabridged version. You could be gaining dedicated customers for life!